About Us

KIDSEMAX designs and produces quality, original, entertainment-driven commercial properties (theatre, feature films, television, webisodes and music productions) aimed at families.

We have positioned ourselves to produce these mainstream entertainment products and services by forming strategic relationships with individuals in the music, theatre, marketing and advertising communities. These alignments generate a pool of talented resources that can be extracted from to enhance each project we produce. Our teams (EMAX staff, partners and service consultants) consist of people who are extremely professional, creative, innovative and detail oriented. They are experts in their fields and are aware of the latest and greatest industry trends.

Our Mission:

To provide consumers with quality products that reflect the total of our
cultural experience

To provide the professional community a means of producing, marketing
and distributing children’s/family films, plays and television

To create new brands of significant quality and diversity

To provide profitable investments to investors, principals and
employees suitable to sell to a larger studio or as a public entity

To be recognized as a leader in family entertainment